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What? 250 km, 6 phases, 7 days of self sufficiency race

When? From Nov., 24 to Dec., 4 2017

Where? Ica desert in Peru


Getting to the MDS Peru


We’ll see you in Lima on November 24 at, we strongly recommend you arrive on November 23, a day early.  We recommend you arrive the day before your check-in with MDS Peru as many International flights scheduled to arrive the morning of, may be delayed causing you to miss the first meeting at 10 am. If needed, you could book a room close to the airport via our partner Coltur. From November 22 to November 24, some MDS staff who speak French, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese will be available at Lima airport to provide assistance.
After checking in with our team, the bus trip along the mythic Panamerican road can last upto three to four hours depending on the traffic (it could be complicated to exit Lima) in order to go to the first bivouac. Checks up (medical and technical) and briefings will be held on Saturday. The race will then start on Sunday, 26th of November.

The bivouac camps are equiped with showers and toilets for your use during the nights from December 2 to 4, Saturday and Sunday; meals will also be provided by the organization during these days.


Unfortunately, the city of Paracas CAN NOT accommodate everyone the same nights. In such case you can consult our partner Coltur and reserve at your own expense, a stay in one of their resort hotels. And of course, we recommend you to come in company of your whole family to discover this magnificent country that is Peru. Coltur can help you plan your extension, or even your whole trip. It’s worth the extra days; Peru, always more.


Leaving MDS Peru

You can book your departure flight from Lima, Peru as early as December 5 at 5:00 pm.